Friday, April 6, 2012

cambodia 1965 part 4

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what was this stupid pol pot thinking when he destroyed this beautiful country.

schenkenberg13 3 years ago 16

they had killing allots of smart peoples that the reason cambodia don't have a good doctors

narutoseng 3 years ago 10

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such a beautiful and harmonious country back then. even now the people are but just not the same as it was

beachballsify2 2 months ago

Beautiful country,,,,,,,,when will Cambodia be prosperous like this again??????

laura17389 5 months ago

Pol Pot aint stupid. he didnt even kill 2 million people. Think about it, Vietnamese invasion and Amercians Bombing killed cambodians as well. Did you even know Kkhmer Rouge leaders betrayed each other? that why they fucked up... If they didnt fuck up Cambodia could of been a communist family. Just cos he killed n torture people doesnt mean he killed nearly the whole population. My parents told me this and they cambodians. They dont blame pol pot

AnthonyLoung 10 months ago 2

Yes, Pol Pot was stupid, he failed the exams in France 3 times and was kicked out of France and he came back to be Pol Pot (His real name was Sar, Saloth), his partner was in Phnom Penh jail right now is Ieng Sary (From Khmer Krom, his real name is also Kim Tran). And Hun Sen's wife is 100% Vietnamese (The Vietnamese in U.S. said) and her real name is NOT Bun Rany <<------ that is a faked name. And she loves to dress up in Khmer custom. Hun Sen's wife said she is Chinese but lie.

wdsf5193 in reply to schenkenberg13 (Show the comment) 10 months ago

Chenla killed Funan making Khmer Empire.

Pol Pot killed Khmer making Khmer living around the world.

The good and the bad are always in Khmer just look at the churning milk in most of Khmer temples.

AbsoluteWinner in reply to TCheaKuddy (Show the comment) 10 months ago

To all my fellow Khmers I came to say we was the greatest now we can not find home. We love our country but we didn't love it enough. Why? always Why? Dumb fuks POL POT is a rich spoiled kid forieng exchange student who went to france and fell in love with the NAZI HITLER. How can you try to wipe out a 1000 year old culture and history

TCheaKuddy 1 year ago

I lived in Cambodia from 1967 - 1969. This is no propaganda. It was a land of plenty and full of happy and perpetually smiling people. Of course, it has all disappeared as a result of the insane idea of globalization.

I can never forget the beauty of this land and its people.

vera59 1 year ago

Its amazing. If this dose'nt make my heart cry... I dnt know what will. I always knew our land have the greatest beauty, never thought I would get a chance to it then. Thank you for the clips. Like, the old be saying, "beauty kills'.

jessy8sola 1 year ago

Whoever likes Hun Sen and the Cambodian Peoples party can go to Hell

BlackxxArrow 1 year ago 2


You're right this film is a propaganda. Self-satisfy, self praise and so on. Where were the peasants working with their hand and having mud til their knees? Where those who couldn't make end meet: borrowing one basked of rice and paying one basket of rice? Where those withtout meat on the table? Where were the children that parents couldn't afford to send them to school? My questions can go on and on...

lumieresrei in reply to cme98 (Show the comment) 1 year ago