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Norodom Sihanouk biography part 4

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How can you claimed something that is not yours? Preah Vihear was built by the Khmers and located in Cambodia. I went there in August 2007, I am proud to be Khmer and Thailand can kiss our butts and swallow their price, if they have one.

kumarkhmer 4 years ago 10

1958 Cambodia moved to reclaim Preah Vihear and accused Thailand of distorting historical facts

1959 Cambodia petitioned the ICJ of the Hague.

December 1959 Thailand responded by proclaiming Preah Vihear a national archeological site. The dispute focus on 1904 treaty, Thailand argued that the border marked by watershed and however Preah Vihear was in Cambodia. And 50 copies of the map had been presented and acknowledged by the government of Siam.

kumarkhmer 4 years ago 7

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That same stadium would be used in 1975 to hold Khmer Rouge Prisoners before some other famous death prisons.

v19d 6 months ago

I can only say fuck vietnam war,if cambodia did not support north vietnam againt south,lon nol would not declair king sihanuk .so pol pot can not come out.king sihanuk and lon nol would be one our country would not have any war and now It will be developed country already. Say FUCK to Vietnam

TheAmericankhmer 1 year ago

The faggot king sihanouk destroy cambodia.. cause of him..

kbee213 1 year ago

And he got Preah Vihear back from Thailand plus he helped to restore Cambodia from a communist to a Kingdom where Khmer can enjoy Khmer identity for over 2000 years.

KhmerSpirit in reply to KonKhmerSnehaCheat (Show the comment) 2 years ago

But, least He serve cambodian freedom and peacefull for more than 17 years,..after French gone...He still my great king of 20th century King...

KonKhmerSnehaCheat 2 years ago

I could not understand what kind of brain you have pollydor07?

Norlake in reply to pollydor07 (Show the comment) 2 years ago

In what aspect King Sihanouk betrays Cambodian Hoposen?

Norlake in reply to Hoposen (Show the comment) 2 years ago

yes, indeed kumarkhmer, all your comments are the same video clips on youtube, kimpheak2007 should spent some time watch the video about khmer and sihanouk biography from the beginning to understand the whole truth why sihanouk made a deal with ho chi minh allowed viet cong to have safe haven inside cambodia while fighting with u.s. after kimpheakwatch those video then you'll agree with kumarkhmer 101% that sihsnouk played bad politic caused the killing fields

pollydor07 in reply to kumarkhmer (Show the comment) 2 years ago
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The Dispute over Preah Vihear:

1904 and 1908 France and Siam signed treaties and put Preah Vihear under Cambodia's control

1934 Thai surveyors put Preah Vihear in Thailand

1940 The Dept. of Fine Arts of Thailand officially proclaims Preah Vihear' a national archeological site'

1942 Japanese governmetn championed Thai cause

1949 France and Cambodia demanded all Thai personals from Preah Vihear

kumarkhmer 4 years ago 3

Sihanouk reminded me of Roman Emperor Nero, who was having party while Rome's burning. His policies had brought Cambodia into Vietnam-American conflict and in turn brought the Khmer Rouges to power. Many intellectuals and political opponents were vanished under his government. He is a charming and manipulated political murder.

kumarkhmer 4 years ago

Sihanouk never put Cambodia and its people before his thirst for power and ambitions. His friendship with China, North Vietnam, and the North Korea did not benefit Cambodia and its people. It had heavily damaged Cambodia, politically and economically for more than 30 years.

kumarkhmer 4 years ago

I love Sihanouk.And I'm 100% khmer. He's still the King of Cambodia. It be nice if there's a source or information to show that he's a traitor.

Kimpheak2007 4 years ago 3

King Sihanouk did some good things..but because of his greed for power too much he didnt want Cambodia to be a democracy state ..that the reason why he allied with the Chinese govt to help communist vietnam. Which result American bomb Cambodia and Cambodia went into way of social unstability. and Khmer separated into different factions and lead the Cambodia into civil war and self destruction till everything back to Year Zero(POlPOt). This comment is true or not depends dividual opinion.

realkhmerboy 4 years ago 2

i don't really like them either but atleast they help liberated us from the Khmer Rouge. no other country did a damn thing to help us!

kings2099 in reply to amerasia5189 (Show the comment) 4 years ago

Only Khmer with the Vietnamese origine love sihanouk. Because Sihanouk become Hun Sen Puppet. Speaking about YOUN, they simply the hypocrite people. Our Ancestor said: Youn is the Khmer ennemy for all geneation. Today, we see averything about YOUN in front of our eyes. If they are nice to us, once the Vietnam won the war against the khmer rouge, why the vietnam didn't want to withdraw from our country, until UN. protest against them before they leave.

amerasia5189 4 years ago 2

Didn't the International Court of Justice determine in 1962 that Preah Vihear Temple (shown in the video) was on the Cambodian side of the border? The video caption says that Thailand illegally occupied the temple. Thailand and Cambodia had a dispute over the temple and they took it to the ICJ in the 50s. The ICJ's findings favored Cambodia. Anybody know anything else about this?

mlovmo 4 years ago

I used to love him as a Cambodian King when I was young, but now I don't like him anymore, beacause,

He is not a good king, he lies to khmer people for all his life. cambodia hs felt into the misery until today, beacause of him. He has been dictated by his wife who is vietnamese.He used to kill khmer teachers, Khmer nationalists. To understand better, please search for: Cambodia - sihanouk & vietcong.

amerasia5189 5 years ago 2

nobody dont like the king no more he a traitor

Razcal87 5 years ago